FishVille: Two new mastery fish, Electric Eel, and shell gifts

FishVillerolled out Fish Mastery earlier this month, and have been quiet ever since. We had a feeling there would be additional fish families added because there are many other families in FishVille that are not represented in their new mastery system. The two new families added this week are the Damselfish and the Hamlet families. The Damselfish family allows you to unlock the Strasburg Damsel, Domino Damsel, and Cloudy Damsel. The Hamlet family will unlock the Yellow Belly Hamlet, Barred Hamlet, and Indigo Hamlet. Typically we like the final mastery fish to be a secret, but this time FishVille used the last unlockable fish in their promo splash screen.
FishVille Damselfish MasteryFishVille Hamlet Mastery
There is also a brand new Electric Eel in the FishVille store. This eel does in fact light up as if electricity is flowing through it, so it looks rather unique and neat in the aquarium. The Electric Eel is available for 18 Sand Dollars in the FishVille store, which is pretty expensive but is a decent price for this electric addition.
FishVille Electric Eel
Finally, there are now three new shell gifts on the free gifts page. Many players are happy about this because they feel that FishVille has been straying too far away from standard aquariums and putting in fantasy items and other non-realistic themes. These three new shells will make a fish tank look more natural. The new shells are the Green Opal Shell, Fossil Shell, and Urchin Shells. Check them out on the FishVille gift page if you wish to send them to your friends.
FishVille Gift Shells
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