FarmVille debuts Limited Edition Tuscan theme and Mystery Boxes *Spoilers*

FarmVille has just released the first few items in its new Limited Edition Tuscan theme tonight. We had a feeling that the time for a new theme was nearing, because the Southwestern items have been commandeering the FarmVille Market for several weeks now and we're ready to move on. There are only a few new Tuscan items, but we know FarmVille - they love to stretch themes out over long periods of time and continually release new items to keep us all clamoring for more. Here are the first new items in the Tuscan set:


Bee Catcher - 12 Farm Cash
Oak Tree - 4 Farm Cash
Tuscan Bench - 1,800 coins
Tuscan Fence - 1,000 coins


Fattoria - 36 Farm Cash
Tuscan Barn - 30 Farm Cash (22 item capacity)
Tuscan Tool Shed - 24 Farm Cash (15 item capacity)

There is also a brand new Mystery Box in the shop for the standard price of 16 Farm Cash. Here is a list of the items inside:

Woodchuck (harvestable)
Rock Hot Tub
Adobe Shop
Longhorn Sheep
Cactus Inn

And finally, players are reporting that there are new items inside the free Mystery Gifts as well. Here's the list that we know of so far.:

Chinchilla (harvestable)
Pink Pinwheel
Green Pinwheel
Cashew Tree
Bike with Flowers
No Fox Sign
Brown Cow
Yellow Wagon
Are you looking forward to any of these items? Did we miss something from one of the Mystery Boxes? Let us know in the comments.
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