Bitter Waitress, Ashley Johnson, Fired Over Facebook Post

Ashley Johnson, a 22-year-old, University of North Carolina ( UNC) at Charlotte, student was not able to save face and keep her job as a Brixx Pizza waitress after a snide comment posted on her Facebook page got back to her employers and lead to her being fired. (Read customer comments on the Brixx Facebook page)

On a typical day at work, Johnson grew restless and impatient with a couple that lingered over lunch for three hours, forcing her to stay an hour past the end of her shift. Johnson was irritated further when the couple left a meager $5 as tip for all her hard work. To help make herself feel better, Johnson went home and vented to her Facebook page about the cheap couple and their crappy tip, posting the name of the restaurant where she worked, and ultimately leading to her bosses telling Johnson to hit the bricks. (See also Hooters Waitress Punished for Weight.)

Hit The Bricks

It only took about two days for Johnson's managers at the Sixth Street Brixx Pizza location in Uptown Charlotte to get word of her snarky Facebook posting about the cheap couple; an act, which Brixx officials claim was wrong in two ways and the cause of Johnson's firing. First, Johnson spoke ill of customers, which is a big no-no in the service industry, and secondly she mentioned the name of the restaurant where she worked, unfairly casting the pizza joint in a bad light and possibly tarnishing their image.

Johnson admits to posting the comment, which is something that she thought was no big deal, and she apologized to Brixx Pizza for her error in judgment. According to The Charlotte Observer, "Johnson, 22, says, it was my own fault. "I did write the message. But I had no idea that something that, to me is very small, could result in my losing my job."

Saving Face On Facebook

The site says that nearly three quarters of online teens and young adults use social network sites and 40 percent of adults 30 and over use social networking sites such as, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. With so many people tapped into the social networking scene it is important to remember that once your information and postings are out there in Cyberspace, there is a large audience that has access to the profile or image you offer in these networking spaces and everything that goes along with it-good and bad.

"Social networking sites are wonderful in many ways, but nannies-and all professionals, really- should have an online presence that's presentable and in good taste," says Candi Wingate, President of Nannies4Hire.

Lesson Learned

Johnson still feels that getting fired for a Facebook posting is like a slap in the face, but she has definitely learned her lesson and is already looking for a new job. "I lost my job because of a Facebook status," she told The Charlotte Observer. "That's still a lot to get your mind around."

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