eDeals travel searches six sites with one click

eDeals lets bargain hunters search six travel-booking sites with a single click.Finding the best travel deal is certainly easier today than it was a few years ago, but finding the absolute best deal still means visits to numerous web sites. In other words, typing in airports, choosing travel dates, selecting the number of travelers and then sorting out the results again and again and again. With eDeals travel search you can enter your information once and search up to six popular travel sites.

While most other travel comparison websites search a few popular services, the eDeals travel tool allows users to six popular for deals on airfare, hotels and car rentals, plus it serves up the latest travel promotions to help you save on your next trip.eDeals currently searches Hotwire, Expedia, Travelocity, Cheaptickets, Orbitz andPriceline. While the results still load in a half dozen different windows -- and some travel comparison sites still insist on showing prices before taxes, making a quick comparison difficult -- it beats searching every site individually.

The airfare deals are pretty consistent across all the major sites, but I did appreciate the range of hotel and car rental options that were presented. Like airfare, most airport car rental pickups end up costing the same from search to search, but there are still some deals to be found.

A hotel search on eDeals for a week-long stay in New York City found a different "best" deal on each of the six sites, ranging from $64 to well over $300 a night. The search also revealed some gems, including a four-star hotel in SoHo that was offered by two of the sites for $100 per night less than it was on the others. Subsequent tests for other destinations also found a wide range of prices on the six sites, underlining the usefulness of a six-in-one search tool. It would be nice eDeals allowed you to set a star rating or neighborhood preference.

eDeals also offers online and printable coupons, has recently launched a UK version and soon will launch a shoe shopping site called ShoeAholic.
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