Digital Chocolate launches Millionaire City on Facebook

millionaire city digital chocolate
Another city building game has made its way to Facebook -- Millionaire City. The new game from Digital Chocolate, puts you in charge of your own town, and the goal is to turn into a bustling metropolis by building houses and businesses.

Unlike Social City from Playdom or My Empire from Playfish, this game reallly gets to the nitty gritty of running a city. Not only do you have to buy buildings -- but you have to buy plots before you can start construction. Once a house is built, you have to actively populate it with renters and after a period of time (anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours) you can return to collect your cash. Return too late, and you'll miss your pay day completely.

Like other Digital Chocolate games, Millionaire City feels a little more like a traditional video game than other social games currently on Facebook. There's more to manage (read: more to click) and the game has a definite 'mission' structure. The overall vibe is also a little more 'mature' than the other offerings. We're not really sure what to think of this game's '80s-style Secret of My Success vibe (and that theme song -- can you say muzak?), but we'll be watching this game's development closely over the next few weeks.

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