Cafe World Cooking Mastery Guide

cafe world cooking mastery guide
Cafe World has recently released Cooking Mastery and we are going to help explain the changes and the new Cafe World cookbook. The new cookbook is definitely an improvement and will get you thinking about what dishes to cook and which cooking mastery path to pursue.To become a Master Chef you need to cook a dish enough times to get the needed amount of mastery points to get you to the next level. You will now see a bar below the information for each dish. The bar needs to get filled up and reach the end for you to get to the next level. Each time the dish is cooked you will get one mastery point towards that goal.

Every dish in your Cafe World cookbook will now have an info icon at the top right hand corner of the dish description as well as another icon in the top left corner. The icon there will either be a countries flag or a food type icon. If you click on the info icon you will be taken to a different screen.
cafe world cookbook
This screen will show you a number of different things. On the left hand side it will show you the basic information about the dish. There is also some new information. It now shows the number of Cafe Points you get for cooking and how many Cafe Points you get for serving the dish. In the middle of the screen you are shown the progress bar for the dish and the specialty icon. Below that you are told how many times you have cooked that dish and how many more times you need to cook it to get to the next level.

Now all Cafe World players have a new reason to keep cooking dishes. After you level up a dish you become permanently better at cooking it and the dish itself will then be served on a designer plate! I can't wait to start mastering dishes to see what the plates look like.

Send me pictures of the designer plates you have received and I will publish them in a later post!

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