Barnes & Noble coupons for 50% off frappes, 20% off Glee

barnes and noble coupon
barnes and noble coupon

Just yesterday I was telling a friend that I never come across Barnes & Noble coupons. Less then 24 hours later, I have nine Barnes & Noble coupons at my fingertips, which are valid in stores (see online versions below). These coupons all expire May 24, 2010. You do not need to be a member to use these coupons, including:

  • Buy one frappuccino, get one free. This coupon is not valid at standalone Starbucks, which just ended their 50% off frappuccino deal. Interesting that these two coupons were released one after another.

  • 20% off Glee music, priced at $8-$12.

  • Five coupons for 30% off specific titles, including "The Promise: President Obama, Year One," by Jonathan Alter and "61 Hours" by Lee Child.

  • A sixth 30% off coupon for books marked "For the Grad" in the B&N Jr. section.

  • Buy one get one 50% off coupon for teen bestsellers.

Caveats: none of these coupons are valid at or at B&N College Bookstores. Find a Barnes & Noble near you.

Here are the online equivalent of these Barnes & Noble coupons.

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