Are you pretty enough to get a job?

are you pretty enough to get a job?Are you beautiful enough to get a job? And I don't mean a back-of-the-kitchen job where no one will see you, although an outside-the-kitchen job as a waiter or waitress might be more likely in today's recession with a 9.9% national unemployment rate.

The new website is offering the opportunity -- free for job seekers who register and $15 to $299 for employers who want to look at their resumes -- to post their photo and have others rate their beauty from one to five stars. But before a photo can be rated, the applicant has to submit it to the site to see if they're attractive enough to be accepted in the first place.

So far the website doesn't have pictures of job-seeking women arching their backs or of men's six-pack as reflected in the bathroom mirror, but it does have that website feel by ranking members.

Beauty helps people stand out in a tough job market, and cosmetic surgery is seeing an uptick, so maybe this is a good idea. The site is meant primarily for people who see the public in their jobs, an anonymous company spokesman told WalletPop in an e-mail. He refused to give his name, citing possible hate mail.

"The site launched because there are certain jobs that everybody knows require beauty, but nobody wants to talk about it," he wrote. "For example, when's the last time you went into a Sports Bar and Grill and saw an ugly hostess or bartender? What about the last trade show in Vegas (i.e., 'Booth Babes')? When's the last time you saw an ugly pharmaceutical rep in the elevator at your doctor's building? How about models, actresses, sales reps, publicity and marketing secretaries, reality TV stars, and on and on. This is the site for them."

Most of the 19 jobs on the site are in sales, which makes sense. But there were no jobs for models or actresses, who I guess don't need to post their resume or photo and get rated on a website to land a good job. Only one job is listed in California so far, as a trade show representative, with most of the jobs on the East Coast.

The website was started by Dutch Internet entrepreneur Ralph van Troost, who started Date For Trees, a now defunct website that donated trees for every person who signed up on the dating site. It charged $14.95 for a premium one-year membership, which makes seem like a deal for being free, at least for job seekers. You don't have to have money to get on the website, just good looks.
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