Three new limited edition buildings to buy in Social City

Social City Italian Vineyard, Hat Shop, and Luxury Resort
Like clockwork, there are now three new limited edition buildings available to buy in Social City. You can check out these items in the newspaper when you first log in, or click the "news" button on the bottom of your screen. The new items are the Luxury Resort, Italian Vineyard 2, and the Hat Store. These items are all available for City Bucks, as all limited edition buildings are in Social City. Let's take a more in-depth look at the new buildings, shall we?

The Luxury Resort is a a massive 3x3 structure that gives you 10,000 population every three days. It gives you 5,000xp when built (which only takes 1 minute) but requires 55 City Bucks to buy. The Italian Vineyard 2 is 2x2 in size and gives you 22,000 happiness. You can collect 1,000 each day from this new vineyard, and it costs 45 City Bucks. Finally, the least expensive of the new items is a new Hat Shop that gives you 6,000 happiness, gives you 200 coins every 12 hours, and costs 25 City Bucks.

As always, these new buildings have a Limited Supply available. In fact, as of this writing there are only 11 of the Italian Vineyards left. Log in to Social City if you'd like to buy these new buildings.
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