Share your Covert Ops agent with your Facebook friends


We covered The Agency: Covert Ops rather extensively when it first came out, but its been basically quiet ever since. We were a bit concerned that with the game's heavy polish and high production quality that changes and iterations would come slowly. Fortunately, we received a surprise today with a new little feature - the ability to upload pictures of your agent to your Facebook profile.

To publish a picture of your agent, open up your character customization screen that allows you to change your clothing and look. You will see a button in the lower left to take a snapshot of your character. If you click this, you'll be shown a preview of what your picture will look like, and given the option to create a custom caption for your picture. Once you click "Post to Facebook", you will have to grant Covert Ops permission to publish to your photo album. Accept the permissions dialog, and you'll now have a new screenshot in your photo album. The picture will also automatically be published to your stream so that your Facebook friends can check out your elite agent. Pretty sweet, right?

How are you enjoying Covert Ops so far? Do you think it's in for the long haul?