Rental Roommate Nightmares: Well Hung, Obedience, and a Sexually Open House

Looking for a room to rent on Craigslist? Well, throw your hat into the cavalcade of crazy by answering one of these roommate-wanted ads.

In this edition we've got a free-spirited swinger house (though they won't admit it), a well-hung guy looking for someone to fill his spare room, and one HOTT girl who will swap photos with you.

Read on to find out about these Craigslist roommate scenarios and more....
Los Angeles, Calif.:
$1 SHARE THE LOVE! Share free spirit, sexually open BEACH HOUSE
HELLO LOVELIES!!! This is a co-ed house but we're not some organization or religious people. No spirituality or religion here. Just love for life. We are a group of 4 guys and 2 gals, all college grads in their 20s, who moved out of their house to create this free spirit life. We are mostly nudists at home and enjoy a sexually open environment. So please be open to share with us your love, intimacy and passions, as we'll share ours with you. LUV the cuddle, affection and mutual touch. this is NOT a sex house! We are all serious people. Be young, full of spirit, and open minded to our life-style! We are very selective, since this is a very close and intimate situation - need to trust you. There is NO RENT. Just share yourself and your spirit! We'd like to know as much about you, who you are, what you do, what are your dreams and where does your spirit roam. Photos would give us an idea about your looks. LOVE and HAPPINESS to all!

Our Take: This is a religious cult of swingers. You will have to work very hard to compensate for your free rent and introduction into the sex slave industry.

Miami, Fla.:FREE RENT For REALLY Hot Girl
...and it's true.

And NO, you do not have to have sex with anybody, or take your clothes off for anyone, or even live with some guy. You will be living with another REALLY hot girl. (ME! :) I'm 19 and looking to find an apt & live in Boca.

If you are HOTT (and I mean like, you have been asked to do calendars or modeling or something) then send a pic with your response and we'll go from there. If your hot enough, I'll give you more details at that point.

Our Take: This isn't a 19 year old HOTT girl. This is an old man who likes collecting photos of HOTT girls.

Miami, Fla.:Fun, Responsible, Hot, GWM to share
In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not a total nudist, but I would like to be able to hang out or walk around naked or in boxers sometimes without my roomie freaking out. Also, not a TOTAL whore, but want to be able to bring someone home from time to time as well. You can, of course, do the same, and hell - if we want to share sometimes, I'm down with that too...HAHA...Obviously, very relaxed attitutde about nudity and sex, so please be similar...

Basically, I'm looking for someone fun, responsible, mature (not too old), athletic, fit, HOT, horny, reasonably intelligent, spiritual, athletic, outdoorsy, funny, and HUNG...

So, hit me up guys...let's have an adventure!! I've attached some pics [left] of me, and would appreciate the same from I can see who I'm talking to...

Our Take: Why is the world so creepy?

Philadelphia, Pa.:$50 sharebed/rent
my old man just gave me permission to bring home a female sex toy

I am a 29 year old half white half puerto rican with the body and looks of a model

im looking to share my bed with a 19-27 year old female- my oldman works everynight

my roommate must be attractive-no fatties and must be OBEDIENT- ocassionally I will have you pleasure my oldman

most of the time you will pleasure me rent 50 plus your OBEDIENCE

Our Take: If I were to be someone's female sex toy, I sure wouldn't want to pay $50 to do so plus OBEDIENCE. And what's the deal with the oldman? How old is the oldman? Would the oldman find pleasure in being taken to the lake to spend a day fishing? I bet the oldman is a treat being he's the father of this gem of a human being.

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