PetVille releases new Blue Mystery Gift *Spoilers*

PetVille Blue Mystery Gift
PetVille Blue Mystery Gift

PetVille have just launched a brand new Blue Mystery Gift, with over 30 unique items inside. It was only just released so we don't have a full list of all of the items just yet, but we do have a couple spoilers for you. This gift is available to send to your friends on the gift page, and will most likely be a limited time gift. Something exciting about this gift is that two of the Lost Fairy Toys are only available through this gift box. If you want to complete the collection, you'll have to unlock many Mystery Gifts. Here's the list so far:

2 Pet Cash (this seems to be the first gift that everyone opens)
Pink Candle
White Candle
Red Candle
Midnight Fairy - Louisa
Purple Candle
Mixed Berry Tart
Lime Green Candle
Green Fairy
Cracked Egg

Post-Its (Yellow, Pink and Green)
Orange Candle
Denim Purse

We know we're missing a ton of the Blue Mystery Gift items, so leave us a note in the comments. What are we missing? What did you get from your PetVille Blue Mystery Gift?

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