New feature in Ranch Town: expand your ranch size


Ranch Town has been rather quiet lately, but tonight they've rolled out a new feature that is sure to make all the fans happy. You can now make your ranch even bigger, with the new Junior Homestead and Windy Range expansions. You can expand your ranch to two different sizes. Interestingly, you don't have to expand to the smaller size first before going all the way to the largest expansion. You can simply buy the most expensive one you can afford.

The Junior Homestead costs either 10,000 coins or 200 Meteor Credits, and increases your ranch to 15 x 12. The Windy Range is 17 x 14 in size, and costs either 25,000 coins or 300 Meteor Credits. These prices are quite expensive, considering how slowly coins pile up in Ranch Town. We suspect it will be a long time before have have enough coins to expand our ranch.

What about you? Were you in need of a larger ranch size, and if so - how do you feel about these prices?Leave us a comment and let us know.