Mafia Wars Vegas casino sketches show off high-rollin' properties

mafia wars vegas sketches

Mafia Wars Vegas is set to arrive sometime this summer, and what would be any red-blooded mobster's first task in Sin City? To gain control of a casino, of course. You'll get your chance in this new Mafia Wars expansion, starting out with a regular casino and upgrading it into a luxury gambling palace, complete with customizable parts that will "look bigger as they're upgraded."

A few sketches of the casino have been released, which will give you a better idea on the different ways this property will look -- a more modest building with a pointed tower behind it to something more akin to a Vegas institution worthy of a high-rolling crime king.

mafia wars casino sketches
Will the house always win in these shiny new casinos? We're guessing yes, provided we can keep rival mobsters' sticky fingers far away from the till.

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