Latest My Town releases: buildings, boats, and lava

My Town New Decor
My Town New Decor

It's Monday again, which means My Town has released some snazzy new items for players to add to their towns. Items released today include a Modern High Rise, a Fortune Teller, and Little Fishing Boats.

The futuristic Modern High Rise will definitely add some height to your downtown skyline. If you are looking for a funky building to add some mysticism to your urban areas,we see the Fortune Teller in your near future. And the Little Fishing Boats are the perfect compliment to your up-and-coming seaside village.

The items from My Town's explosive May 13 release are still hot, hot, hot. We hope My Town fans have been successful at keeping their townspeople safe from the new Volcano and Lava. Perhaps their citizens have taken refuge on their House Boats?

What do you think of My Town's new items? How are you planning on incorporating them into your town?