Home TV Week in Review

Home improvement TV is to home-improvement, what cooking shows are to cooking; essential watching for those who want to keep their habitats updated.

We picked up your home-improvement TV-watching slack to bring you up-to-speed on this week's episodes of "Designed to Sell," "Holmes on Homes," "Divine Design" and more.

Here's what you missed:
"Designed to Sell"
(HGTV Weeknights 6/5c)
A mom and her daughter are on the move in their lives. The daughter is off to college while the mom bought a condo to replace the soon-to-be empty nest. Problem: Mom needs to sell her house in order to avoid paying two mortgages. Conflict: She has a huge to-do list in order to keep her house competitive on the market.

"Divine Design" (HGTV Saturdays 8/7c)
Host Candice makes over a granny suite in order to give a 13-year-old boy a room fit for a rock star. Young Nicholas is a hardworking guy and a neighborhood role model. Because of this, his parents want to do something special for him. Since his grandma has moved out, he's been wondering about making her basement living quarters his own. Candace steps in and designs a space that blows his mind.

"Holmes on Homes"(HGTV Sundays 9/8c)
Problem: A couple finds a a tiny quarter-sized water stain on their bedroom ceiling. More trouble: A roofing contractor comes out to repair the balcony above the leak in their six-year-old townhouse. He discovers that the joists underneath are completely rotted through -- a homeowner's nightmare. No other contractor is willing to take on this structural mess. So it's TV's "Holmes on Homes" to the rescue. Guess what? He's up for the challenge!

"My First Place"(HGTV Tuesdays and Thursdays 8/7c)
Atlanta newlyweds aren't looking for their first place, but their last place -- a home they can raise a family and grow old in. No pressure here -- it's simply a first place that must last them the rest of their lives. More details: It has to be a five-bedroom house with a basement for under $525,000. After rigorous house-hunting, each has a different personal favorite and hopes to persuade the other that their's is the better deal.

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