Happy Island: NEW! Hot Dog Stand -- Puka Dog

Happy Island Puka Hot Dog Stand
Happy Island Puka Hot Dog Stand

Now you may think that Puka Dog isn't the most appetizing name for a hot dog stand. Granted, when I first read it, thoughts of vomiting canines came to mind. But in Hawaii, a touristy hot dog franchise proudly sports that moniker, and the name itself means "Hole Dog". This is in reference to the hole that's drilled into the toasted bun to give a place for the sausage to fill.

Foodie factoids aside, Happy Island is offering the "Puka Dog" Hot Dog Stand as a new island attraction. It costs 5,500 Coins and will earn you 550 Coins. And for 9,200 Coins, it'll upgrade into an Island Dog Cart within 5 hrs. and 16 min.

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