Free look at credit score if denied loan or job under Senate plan

credit score access
credit score access

It's a frustrating situation: You can check out your credit report for free (at, but that resource doesn't give you the one piece of information that's arguably the most important part of the equation: your actual credit score.

Your credit score is vital for everything from getting the best rate on your mortgage to sometimes even getting a job, so not having access to it -- even if you can see your credit report -- deprives you of a very important piece of information for your financial future.

A new amendment to the financial reform bill making its way through Congress would change that. Proposed by Sen. Mark Udall (D-Co.) and voted on by the Senate, the amendment would require you to receive your credit score if you were denied a loan or a job as a result of it. Currently, as the New York Times points out, it could run you close to $50 to obtain your score from each of the three credit bureaus.