FourSquare, Starbucks start location-based discounts

Starbucks, Foursquare offer discount
Starbucks, Foursquare offer discount

Do you visit your local Starbucks every day? Do you go so often that you just might be the most frequent customer? Wish you could turn your addiction into a discount? Well there's great news: Starbucks has partnered with FourSquare to givemayors of Starbucks locations a discount.

Foursquare is a location-based service which announces to other users, and your friends on Facebook and Twitter, where you are when you "check in" to a specific place. This can be work, a local club or in this case Starbucks. When you check into certain locations often enough, or with enough people, you earn badges which you can show off. Check in often enough and you can become the mayor of a specific location, until someone else checks in more times and knocks you off.

Up until now, this didn't mean much, but with the partnership announced on Monday Starbucks will be giving FourSquare mayors $1 off of a frappuccino. If you "check in" often enough to become the mayor of your neighborhood Starbucks you'll receive a notification on your next visit that you can show to the barista to unlock your savings. The deal runs through June 28.