Marketing Avant-Garde and Affordable Home Design

Inside the hallowed halls of the 2010 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) -- where world-renowned interior designers gather to show off their most recent creations -- there's a pocket of young, fresh-faced designers selling their wares. Welcome to "designboom mart."

This collaboration is between ICFF and the mega-savvy European design site designboom and is a must-see for those who attend the fair. The goal of this market, currently in it's sixth year, is to give young and student designers a chance to sell their creations. It's also an opportunity for the public to not only see a new wave of innovation but also to buy them for less than $100.

Among the jewelry, eco-bags, stationary, and wildly varying items, I picked out some inventive pieces (from the quirky to the sublime) that would add extra flair to your home decor.