Marketing Avant-Garde and Affordable Home Design

Inside the hallowed halls of the 2010 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) -- where world-renowned interior designers gather to show off their most recent creations -- there's a pocket of young, fresh-faced designers selling their wares. Welcome to "designboom mart."

This collaboration is between ICFF and the mega-savvy European design site designboom and is a must-see for those who attend the fair. The goal of this market, currently in it's sixth year, is to give young and student designers a chance to sell their creations. It's also an opportunity for the public to not only see a new wave of innovation but also to buy them for less than $100.

Among the jewelry, eco-bags, stationary, and wildly varying items, I picked out some inventive pieces (from the quirky to the sublime) that would add extra flair to your home decor.

Designboom Mart
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Marketing Avant-Garde and Affordable Home Design

This magazine rack from Brazilian designer Patricia Naves, aka Oiti, is a sculputral beauty. The curved plywood rack sits on a base and is able to be rotated for more visual impact.

Portugese designer Tiago Sa da Costa cleverly uses cork to create bowl and pendants and chooses to work with this medium since it's renewable and recyclable. To create the shapes, the cork is molded within hot water - and due to the nature of cork no two products are exactly the same.
For those of you with cats, you'll love Loyal Luxe's Canadian Cabin for Fluffy Critters. The cardboard house comes complete with ornaments to decorate the entry (moose antlers, a banner to put your pet's name on, a firsh or a bird), corrugated carpet interior, and other cat-friendly ideas. The cabins are made of old boxes and welcome further personalization on the roof.
The Portugal-based design firm Krasznai presented the whimsical Arms&Crafts. Vases, bowls, milk cartons, and sculptural bowling pins all feature unusual - but cute - baby arms. The line of ceramics stems from a photo the designer took at a beach of a baby doll arm covered in sand. The products range in price from $20 to $68.
I recently wrote an article called Ooo my Design Cassette Tapes Lamp Box. So I was delighted to get to see the Spanish design studio at the Designboom mart with their lamps ($45, small; $70, large) in tow.
Seems like a simple design idea - so why haven't we seen it before. A ruler built into a cutting board! For Americans, it might be a bit confusing since the measurements are in centimeters, but for the Lithuanian-born designer, Darius Petrulaitis, he designed the Corian board in measurements that he's used to.
The trio of Framed Objects by the. includes a vase, a coat hook, and a book shelf. The white resin is durable and automatically creates a visual impact with anything you choose to place within the frame. The two designers - one from Zimbabwe, the other from Japan - are now based in the U.S.
The design duo the. score big points for their $99 speakers shaped like speech bubbles. The set of speakers can plug in directly to your computer or MP3 player (Mac compatible, too!).

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