Breaking News! Facebook and Zynga announce five-year deal


Looks like FarmVille maker Zynga isn't going to be ditching Facebook soon (or vice versa) -- not within the next five years, at least. Today, the two companies, who have purportedly been battling it out behind-the-scenes, announced a long-term partnership that will, well, we're not sure what exactly that will entail other than expanded use of Facebook Credits in Zynga's suite of games.

Facebook Credits are already in a few of Zynga's games, so we're not sure if expanded use simply means that FC will roll out in all of their games, or something bigger, like Zynga giving more promotion to Facebook Credits than they have previously. It's unlikely that Zynga will get rid of their own coins and cash system and entirely rely on Facebook's virtual currency -- but considering that social gaming is still in its 'Wild West' phase, we expect anything can happen.