Is the blouse too low cut, ladies? How do you know?

Listen up ladies! As younger women entering the workforce, one can contend that we already have to work extra hard to be viewed as intelligent professionals who can play the game just as well as anyone else.

So why are you making life even MORE difficult than it has to be? If you're debating if the blouse is too low cut, the answer is: YES, it is!If you're debating if the skirt is too short, the answer is: YES, it is

Here's what you need to succeed on the "dress the part" front:

1. Wear a professional, appropriately tailored pant suit with a conservative blouse or cami underneath during your interview. Resist the urge to wear that new flashy top you bought at the mall last Tuesday. Save it for the weekend.

2. Your nails should be medium in length with a clear or a "ballet slippers" nail polish color. Wear heels that are conservative in color, style and length.

3. Keep your makeup simple and fresh (no crazy lipstick colors or eye shadow). Many different opinions are floating around as to whether a young woman should wear her hair pulled back or down on an interview. I say, as long as it's a simplistic cut and style and NOT covering your face, you will be fine either way.

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