What really happens behind the scenes on CBS's 'Undercover Boss'

CBS's show Undercover Boss, in which CEOs secretly work alongside low-level employees to find out what conditions are really like at their businesses, is one of the biggest smashes of the past TV season. It premiered to nearly 39 million viewers right after this year's Super Bowl and continued with strong Sunday night ratings. The most successful post-Super Bowl episode, with 16.72 million viewers, followed Joel Manby of Herschend Family Entertainment as he supervised operations at Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson, Missouri.

Is this show for real, or is it faked?

Albert Sandford was one of the employees who was fooled by the ruse. Fortunately, he came across glowingly, and Manby wound up rewarding this industrious worker by making him the recipient of a new scholarship for employees.

I traveled to Branson to meet Sandford, who explains how the show's producers tricked him, how they got him to open up for the cameras, and if the big promises his boss made at the end of the reality show actually came true.

There's a lot to talk about since the show aired. Sandford tells me that soon, he'll be leaving Silver Dollar City and moving to Georgia. He also talks about the unexpected fame that national prime-time TV exposure has brought him, and he even discusses whether the show's producer secretly tipped him off about the true identity of his boss.

This isn't the end of our revelations about Undercover Boss.

We also snagged a video interview with Joel Manby, the boss who risked national embarrassment by going undercover. I get his impressions about what he learned by participating in the CBS reality show, and if he wants to set the record straight about anything that aired:

You can watch the whole episode of Undercover Boss featuring Herschend Family Entertainment by visiting CBS's website, here.

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