A look at the week in personal finance

Each week, WalletPop looks back on the week's top personal finance stories as it joins with CostRefuge. Here are some from last week from mainstream publications and the blogosphere.

The Millenial Generation (AKA Gen Y) is facing some of the most difficult financial circumstances of any generation. Joshua Ritchie from Mint.com's MintLife blog penned a guide for young people, including tips on saving for retirement, setting a financial plan in motion and taking advantage of employer-based contribution plans.

Speaking of goals, Trent from The Simple Dollar writes about making sure that you're living up to expectations you place on yourself by setting your own goals and desires for your life, rather than trying to live up to other's people's ideals, both financially and professionally.

With high school and college graduations happening all around the country this month and next, many students (and their families) will begin looking for a new car. Jerry Edgerton at CBS MoneyWatch takes a look at several models that are safe to drive, reliable and (maybe most importantly) all under $22,000.

In a previous roundup, we brought up the growing number of Americans who are cutting their cable bill completely in favor of online TV watching. One of the services most used by those leaving the cable box behind is Hulu, where viewers can watch clips and in some cases, full episodes of their favorite shows. Sarah Morgan of SmartMoney takes a realistic look at whether Hulu really is the death of TV or whether a soon-to-be-charged $9.95 monthly fee will turn folks away.

Finally, those financial goals that all of us want to reach simply won't be possible unless they're written down clearly and attached to a deadline. Jeremy Voh from Generation X Finance takes us through a worksheet template with some sample goals that will help you crystalize what you want to accomplish and in what frame of time.

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