Three Lessons We Can Learn and Apply from Survivor Winner, Sandra Diaz Twine

Say what you will about reality television, but Survivor holds many truths and its lessons can be tailored to almost any aspect of life: your work ethic, life goals -- even career advice. Survivor: Heroes vs Villains winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine, employed quite a few great tactics for taking home her second Survivor win. But those tactics can not only teach us something about surviving in paradise, they can teach us real life lessons too.

1. Be Strategic

Clearly you can't win two seasons of Survivor without being pretty strategic. Sandra proved that with her no-nonsense attitude and smart game strategy. She was able to fly under the radar, while some of her other teammates personalities' overshadowed hers. It's not always best to be the "it" girl/guy of the office, demanding the attention of everyone in the office. Sometimes the slow and steady route really does win the prize.

2. Be Frank

By bluntly stating that she was against teammate Russel Hantz, Sandra Diaz-Twine publicly and honestly stated her position at the end of the game. Playing coy and being timid in the workplace will rarely get you further in your career. Instead, by speaking your mind and being honest about your intentions, you send the message to your co-workers and superiors that you're on point, you don't mess around, and you'll get the job done.

3. Know When to Make a Splash

While many players backstab and undermine each other, Sandra kept a low profile at first. She also tailored her approach at staying in the game to include agreeing to vote people off "as long as it ain't me," which helped her form an unusual alliance with other team members. Keeping a low profile isn't always the best route to take in your career, but sometimes you have to know when to lay low so that your moment of shining stands out even more.

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