Mafia Wars Paris Reward: The Parisian Fixer


The first reward you will get from the Mafia Wars Paris chapters is the Parisian Fixer. He will be given to you at the end of Paris, Chapter 1, Procure De France.

Mafia Wars Paris Job Mastered
Mafia Wars Paris Job Mastered

The final job that you have to do is the "Gather The Materials" job, which also completes Chapter 1 and opens up Chapter 2.

The stats for the Parisian Fixer is 30 offense and 61 defense. The defensive number is quite good so I guess it was worth waiting for more maps and dodging the cops to get. Let's hope the Chapter 2 reward is as good or better. Mafia Wars Paris has been worth the wait so far and is a good addition to the other areas of the game.

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