Los Angeles: Hollywood Sign Fallout and Other Los Feliz/Silver Lake News

Los Angeles' Los Feliz/Silver Lake area has a few things going on with an "Urban Lounge" sprouting, a beloved local center potentially closing and more on the Hollywood sign land deal (yes, it's been saved but the fallout continues.)

  • South of Sunset and West of Silver Lake Boulevard will be getting some pretty greenery thanks to Silver Lake Resident Ara Babaian, according to the Los Feliz Ledger. Monies from the City of Los Angeles and Silver Lake will go towards changing the 2,000 square foot asphalt area into a pocket park. Dubbed an "Urban Lounge," the project will be completed in July. Go citizens!
  • Also out of the Ledger comes news that due to a lack of funding Barnsdall Art Center will be laying off it's art staff at the end of June, which means no more art classes at the facility. As a mother going to register her child for classes said to the Ledger, "The city needs to have an arts program available in their community because art is that important." The Los Angeles City Council used funds to keep it open through June but plans to end it there.
  • More aftershocks from the Hollywood sign land deal, Cahuenga Peak. First, from Curbed L.A. comes an op-ed piece from a local development consultant questioning how it got to be a crisis situation in the first place. Second, comes the Trust for Public land saying to the Griffith Park Wayist that, "The New Yorker article is 'erroneous." The article indicated a 'Tiffany Overlook' in honor of one of the large donors, would be built on the land.
  • Want to get your local architecture on? For those of you that appreciate the local architecture and want to know more about it and the history of Silver Lake's homes comes this new page from the Silver Lake News website. Great collection of pictures of homes around the neighborhood. A good tool for getting a flavor of the neighborhood when house-hunting.

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