Happy Aquarium: Robot Props and Wallpaper

Happy Aquarium Robot and Fairy Tale items in store
Happy Aquarium's latest release is a measly 5 items -- or 6, if you count the new futuristic City Scape wallpaper. And 7, if you count the new Limited Edition Submarine Transformitron. We also haven't seen a new demo tank in a long time. Things certainly feel like they're slowing down in the game.

Robots-wise, there's now two animated ones costing the same 24 Pearls or 20 Facebook Credits -- Blue Robot, who occasionally lifts his visor while standing still, and the Jiggy Robot, who moves in a boring manner by slowly swaying from side to side and bzzzt-ing his glowing antennae. Lastly, there's one non-animated Robot Cyclops for 250 Coins.

And just for kicks, the game's thrown in Gingerbread House for 450 Coins, and a Pixie Statue of a sitting purple fairy for 600 Coins. This is so sparse and slapdash, and ultimately, disappointing.
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