Free FarmVille Cash Game Bar Incentive!


Zynga has been encouraging farmers for quite a while now to download and install the Official FarmVille Game Bar. It seems they have taken this to a whole new level with a Free $FV incentive. FarmVille Freak Seviolon999 received a popup offering 25 free $FV for simply installing the FarmVille Game Bar.

Free $FV offer for installing the Official FarmVille Toolbar pop up
Free $FV offer for installing the Official FarmVille Toolbar pop up

The Official FarmVille Game Bar offers the following:

  • Receive Feed Bonuses Instantly, Get Fuel, Arborists, and Coin Bonuses. All with one Click!

  • Know When to Harvest, With the crop timer, never forget another harvest.

  • Stay up to Date, Be the first to find out about new Limited Edition items.

Source: Zynga Tool Bar Information and Download Website

Note: There is no confirmation if this will be available to all players, it may be random.

Zynga has been offering a few $FV incentives or freebies recently, the Pay Pal/Zynga account offer, a free $FV dollar in, as well as the FarmVille Stimulus package. This has certainly helped players increase their $FV savings or purchase items they want from the market.

Have you received the free $FV Game Bar incentive popup?

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