FarmVille: New Zynga Codes in 7-Eleven Promotion Donuts

FarmVille 7-11 Chocolate and Blueberry Donuts
While on my daily 7-Eleven stalking, I found these packages of donuts. Each comes with 4 individually packaged donuts, and as shown, retails for $1.49.
FarmVille Zynga Code 7-11 Donuts
On each package, there is a Zynga peel off code sticker with official rules and code found on the back. It does not appear these codes are for FarmVille, but for Mafia Wars and YoVille.

Even though these are not FV codes, it's exciting to see Zynga promotional items making their way into the stores. We're all eagerly anticipating seeing the entire 7-Eleven store filled with items from our favorite game, and Zynga's other games as well.

This article originally appeared on FarmVIlle Freak.
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