Paris Hilton Pal -- and Credit Default Billionaire -- Enters Florida Senate Race

Aren't we sick of the wealthy vultures who prospered from America's housing pain? Apparently not.

Here's yet another billionaire who became super-rich by betting against against real estate values during the economic collapse of 2007. But this is the twist: Billionaire Palm Beach real estate investor Jeff Greene has entered Florida's already strange U.S. Senate race, which also features a now-independent Gov. Charlie Crist, his righter-than-thou Republican opponent Marco Rubio, and the virtually unknown Democratic contender Kendrick Meek.

In a recent interview, Greene, 55, a Democrat, tried to come across as a good guy, saying he will spend his own money for his campaign and will only accept minimal contributions for the eight-figure cost of a full-fledged statewide campaign. In regard to spending his own finances on his Senate race Greene said, "I'll do what it takes to get my message out."

That's very generous of you, Jeff, considering how many people lost their homes during the housing market crash you helped to fuel. With the profits he made, I'm sure spending eight-figures won't strain his comfortable finances.

At least, Greene is a self-made billionaire.