Take the Bike Lane to Find Your Next Job

May 21 is Bike to Work Day. In many bike shops across the US, this is the month to buy bikes and related equipment. Many have sales to encourage folks to think green and get biking.

For those who want to bike to work, but need a job to bike to, consider May 21 your wake-up call. You should know that biking might help you find that next job. Biking is a social sport and hobby. As an avid cyclist, I have met some of the friendliest people in many unique ways through bicycling. Every new person you will meet is a possible connection or lead for a new job. There's a lot more networking and camaraderie going on in the bike lane than you might realize.

Start local

Your nearest bike shop often has weekly organized rides (and often classes) for all levels of riders. It costs nothing and you meet people with a common interest which helps in making new friends. Many cities have cycling and triathlon training clubs. Within these groups over time, you get to talking beyond bikes and cover topics like family and work. Nothing wrong with talking about your job search. You never know who might turn out to be a hiring manager.

It's a Network

Cyclists tend to introduce friends to other cyclists. The network grows with little effort. Like I said, they are a friendly bunch (may even fix your flat tire for you if you need the help). You can network very easily.

Many riders "hang out" on social media, too. They blog, they chat, they use Facebook and Twitter. They love telling stories about rides. Engaging with them as a biking buddy first allows you to make more connections.

I've also met new friends at Spin Class at the gym, large organized rides hosted by Chambers of Commerce, and even at the neighborhood pool and parties (my friends like introducing me to friends of theirs who bike, too).

Other Advantages to Cycling

Do I need to even mention the obvious: improving your health? No matter what shape you are in, you can get biking. I've seen all kinds on the road loving the sport and getting stronger all the time. Here are some other reasons to bike during your job search:

  • By biking through industrial parks, you may come across companies you haven't yet considered in your search.
  • In interviews, you'll have a great answer to what do you do in your off-time. Companies love "healthy employees."
  • When looking for a job, sometimes your self-esteem takes a hit. It's nice to achieve some biking goals to bolster your confidence. And perhaps share during an interview addressing the question of personal goals.
  • Venting stress and getting out into nature are good for the mind and body. On your toughest day, your bike can be your best friend.

I've made friends with CEO's, real estate gurus, marketing managers, engineers, media cameramen, and policemen. That's the great thing about biking. Anyone can do it, so you meet people from all walks, er, bike paths of life.

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