Tiki Resort gives players Mega Money with new charm

Tiki Resort Mega Money Charm
Tiki Resort Mega Money Charm

Tiki Resort has added a brand new gift that you can send to your friends, the Mega Money Charm. This charm increases the amount each of your tourists spend per attraction by 10 shells, which is a huge increase that will help you earn money quickly. To activate a charm in Tiki Resort, simply place the gift in the volcano on your island.

This is a limited time gift that can be received from friends, so you'll have to beg for one now if you want one. Tiki Resort have also announced that brand new charms are lined up for next week. We are eager to see what the game has in store for us, as they're always releasing charms that do new and unique things.

Have you received a Mega Money Charm? What do you think?