PetVille Pirate Mystery Crate: See what's inside *Spoilers*


PetVille released a new Mystery Crate a couple days ago that only contains pirate items. We know there is never anything wrong with pirate decorations to add a little fun to any game. The Pirate Crate is available from the Premium Store for 18 Pet Cash each, and the rewards are completely random, so if you're looking for one particular piece you'll have to purchase several boxes to get it. We have the full list of items that you can win from the Pirate Mystery Crate:

Ship's Bow (flooring)
Ship Steering Wheel
Floating Ship
Pirate's Booty Chest
Pirate Island
Sea Monster

These items are not available individually from the Premium Store, although there are a couple of additional pirate items available for purchase separately. These include two different costumes, a Giant Barrel & Silly Mice, Captain Samson Spiced Cider, Jack Spaniel Malt Drink, Short Glasses, and a Pub Table.

What item did you get from your Pirate Mystery Crate in PetVille?