Happy Island: Four new decorations make us happy

Happy Island decorations
Happy Island decorations

Happy Island has just released four new decorations for your island. These decorations are nothing extraordinary, although the two Chess Kings may make for an interesting chess themed area on your island. Here is the list of items that were released today:

Chess King (White) - 3,000 coins
Chess King (Black) - 3,000 coins
Life Preserver - 500 coins
Floral Falls - 59 Facebook Credits

59 Facebook Credits is quite a bit to pay ($5.90) for a decoration that offers no additional functionality or benefits to your island. You may disagree and feel that the looks of this waterfall make up for the high cost. The life preserver is just a small, inexpensive decorative item. We're not sure why there are two new chess pieces, we haven't seen any paths to place on the ground in the shape of a chessboard or anything else related to chess. Could this be the start of a new theme?