Are you teaching your kids bad money habits?

parents teach kids bad money habits
parents teach kids bad money habits

Sorry, parents; if your kids don't have a grasp on finances and aren't budget-savvy, don't point a finger at the school or the marketing messages they see every day. According to a new survey, you should look in the mirror if you want someone to blame. A recently-published survey conducted by ING Direct of more than 1,000 Americans found that today's parents have a shocking lack of knowledge about their credit scores, and experts worry they're passing this legacy onto their kids.

"If parents can't pinpoint the correct financial behaviors that negatively impact their credit scores, they may be unconsciously setting a poor financial example for their children," Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO of ING Direct USA, told WalletPop via email. This can create a cycle of poor money management into the next generation, he warns. "Most parents assume they know what financial behaviors can harm their credit scores and often feed into the credit score myths that circulate," he says. "If parents don't make good financial decisions, then their kids will more than likely mimic those same financial behaviors when they come of age."

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