YoVille: Take care of the new Persian Cat

yoville persian cat
This is an official post by Zynga's Platinum Ninja.

Another pet is making it's way to Yoville!! This will be a Persian Cat that will be able to be collected through a Facebook Feed and he will come hang out for a few days until the owner comes to pick him up. Let's walk through how this is going to work!!

yoville persian catHow to Receive a Cat
Simply keep your eyes out for a Persian Cat Feed. Once you find one click "Help Save the Cat". If you are one of the lucky ones to save him he will come stay with you for a few days.

Once his owner comes to claim him he will reward you and offer you a discount to purchase him if you want to him to stay around permanently! Collect as many as you would like.

How to Post a Cat Feed
Be on the look out for this furry friend around Yoville. Once you find him click on him, you will then be prompted to post a feed. Make sure to share him with your friends so they can collect these cats as well.
yoville persian cat
Well that's about all folks! This will be very similar to previous lost pets we have had wondering around the streets of Yoville. So if you want to open your home to these cute kitties stay tuned for these cat feeds and welcome them to your house!


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