Work-at-Home Jobs With Good Pay Available If You Have These Qualifications

Are you a strong communicator with a clear speaking voice and a confident demeanor? Do you want to earn a good salary and work flexible hours - from home? If you are, the English government-run Jobcentre Plus is posting openings - and there are lots of jobs available - if you are prepared to be naked and have sexually explicit conversations on a regular basis. Faceclick, an adult chat line agency managed to get their jobs listed through the Jobcentre Plus agency and now people who came there looking for office work have a new choice to consider.

Despite the outrage in the community, the Department of Work and Pensions said it could not withdraw the advertisement. A spokesperson said "If the advert is legal then we have to advertise it."

Legal or not, it is certainly disheartening when a government agency can add something akin to the "world's oldest profession" to their list of open jobs. And it makes me wonder if there are people that are so desperate for work that they decide to apply. I'm not bashing people who make the decision to earn a living this way, but the placement of the advertisements certainly suggests that Faceclick's recruiting strategy focuses on tapping into a population that may feel they have limited options for work.

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