Treasure Isle: New Mayan IV Maps

Treasure Isle Mayan IV Maps
Treasure Isle Mayan IV Maps

Treasure Isle has released the next set of Mayan maps, so those of you who have been impatiently waiting for their arrival can now be pleasantly pleased. This could very well be the final map of the Mayan themes, given that there were four of the Tiki Isles.

The new maps are as follows: Three Pools, Five Challenges, Winding Way, Silent Forest, Branched Path, Tree of Life, and Buggy Bog. Like the last set of Mayan themed maps, there are two that require Island Cash, and there is one that requires 2500 coins to unlock.

We're not looking forward to a map named "Buggy Bog" based on how expensive Bug Spray is to eradicate the pests. Other than that, these maps look large and challenging.

Have you started the Mayan IV maps yet? How difficult are they?