Treasure Isle fragments allow you to replay maps

Treasure Isle has just rolled out a feature that is sure to be a smashing hit for hardcore players. You can now purchase Fragments that will allow you to replay maps that you have already completed. This is almost certainly in response to the demand for more maps and the inability for Zynga to keep up with the content production to satiate the hungry appetites of the diehard Treasure Isle Fans.

Fragments are available in two packages. Currently you can buy 10 Fragments for 5 Island Cash, or 40 Fragments for 18 Island Cash. You can also get fragments from your friends, as they can be given as gifts.

Unfortunately, each map takes many fragments in order to go back and complete it again. The smallest islands are replayable for 5 Fragments, but some islands require at least 25. That is a lot of begging for fragments from your friends, or a lot of Island Cash spent. Players seem to have mixed feelings on this so far. Some players are happy because they can go back and try to obtain items they never got (such as the elusive Rain God) and earn XP and coins again. Others think this is a lazy design move by Zynga and a way to avoid having to put out new content.

We're sure Zynga will be watching the success of this feature to determine if it does as well as releasing new content. We think it's a great way to add longevity to the game without creating too huge of an uphill battle for new players.

We want to know what you think of the new fragments in Treasure. Please comment and tell us if you think this was a lazy move, or a welcome feature.