Social City: A-Frame house, dirt terrain, and Queen Anne home


Social City releases new items just about every day, so today was no exception. Three new types of items hit Social City today, and luckily two of them are for coins instead of City Bucks. The new items are the Queen Anne Home, the A-Frame House 2, and the set of Dirt Lot Terrain.

The Queen Anne Home is available for 19 City Bucks, and currently has just under 11,000 remaining for purchase. This item increases your population by 1,250 and can be collected from every 1 day. The build time is only 1 minute and it awards 172 XP. The A-Frame House 2 is a level 13 home that increases your population by 800 every two days, gives you 200 xp, and takes 10 minutes to build. It is available to build for 800 coins. Lastly, there is a new set of five different dirt lot terrain. The smaller ones cost 500 to 750 coins, the medium lot costs 1,000 coins, and the large lot costs 2,000 coins. Of these items, only the Queen Anne Home is limited time.

Log in to Social City to purchase these new items.

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