San Francisco Rental: Castro Room, $800

This room for rent is just two blocks from the central intersection of Castro and Market streets in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. In case you didn't know the Castro is the heart of gay culture in San Francisco and always seems to be thumping with excitement and energy not found in the rest of the city. The movie "Milk" was filmed almost entirely in this neighborhood.

This 1-bedroom sublet lies in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom Victorian flat with a total of 1,200 square feet. Seems like a perfect opportunity for someone coming to San Francisco for a short stay.

So what does $800 get you in a shared apartment in the Castro?

Let's start with the washer and dryer -- it has them! The flat is shared with a self-proclaimed, "very easygoing, neat, clean male seeking responsible, considerate," female housemate for a six-month sublet.

What you share is a huge front room with east-facing bay windows, a large common kitchen, a single bathroom with nice new tub/shower, and a large living room with sound system and flat screen TV. Add a brand spankin' new carpet throughout and you could have a place to temporarily call home.

So how does $800 stack up for a room in a two-bedroom flat in the Castro? Well, you can rent rooms for as low as $445, but that could be in a multiple-roommate situation; others can run as high as $1,200.

It's a decent price but it all depends on whether you get along with your new roommate. Hope he's not like some of the folks we've turned up in our Rental Roommate Nightmare series.

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