Rental Roommate Nightmares: Sex Swings, Bed Sharing, and a Dominatrix

In today's batch of Rental Roommate Nightmares we've got some great scenarios. Like the guy who wants you to sleep naked in his bed -- but don't get too comfortable, you'll have to sleep on the futon when his girlfriend comes over.

We also found a room in the quiet house that only gets noisy when the occupant is using his sex swing in the basement. We can't make these up!

Read on to find more about all these and other Roommate Rental Nightmares....
Kansas City:$100 North of Liberty, large home!
Single man, large home, looking for someone to rent a nice big room w/ private bath. 100 dollars a month only, if you are willing to watch my pets when i travel, which is often. Very quiet except when using sex swing, but that is in the basement, don't worry!

Our Take: What's up with this sex swing in the basement? Is your new roommate on the sex swing alone or with someone else? How noisy does it get when the sex swing is in action. Is the noise deafening?

Jersey Shore:Want to share my bed with me??
i have a bed with plenty of room. looking for a female who wouldn't mind sharing it. i do have a g/f who comez over sometimes but dont worry bed fits 3 or u can stay on futon. Rent is free you just have to be naked and cuddle me. We can have sex if u like or not up 2 u i just like to hold a warm body at night

Our Take: It's good to know that there's a futon to sleep on when this d-bag's g/f pops over. Wouldn't want to be a bother in any form. Also glad sex is optional when the naked cuddling takes place.

Jersey City:$600 Dominatrix seeks Roommate
Hi, I am a 36 year old female looking to share my apartment with a female who is in the adult entertainment business . I have a professional job but do have regular clientele about 2 times a month (I am a Pro Dominatrix, no SEX of any kind!!!). I spend most of my time at my professional job, have a dog and am an occasional outside smoker. I don't care if you want to see your regular clientele as long as you are respectful, clean and discrete as this is a condo building. Thank You.

Our Take: She seems the most normal out of today's bunch. Though she might beat and humiliate guys for a living it's good to see that she'd be respectful of your airspace by not smoking in the house.

Cincinnati: Home in Amelia cheep rent
I am a single guy who works all the time.

I am looking for a girl that would like to rent a room in the house cheep and aside from the cheep rent help clean and do house work.

I am not looking for a sex buddy ... or a girlfriend.. There is a inground pool and a hot tub but both need work. I will be doing that as long as the house work does not stand in the way.

I do not care how old you are ..but all dating will take place outside of the house ... meaning you can not have a boyfriend come hang out or spend the nigh

if you're interested send me information about yourself ... I would like to see a picture of you .... not so I could see if your cute ... but i da not want a 400 lb goof siting around the house all day. I want a nice person that looks nice and acks nice. NO DRUGS >>> NO COMING HOME DRUNK ALL THE TIME .

Our Take: Let's say hi to your new roommate; the complete creepy control freak. When do you think the first time will be when he starts screaming at you in the middle of the night? What if you are 399 lbs? Would he let you be his roommate then?

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