Mob Wars Weekly Heist Update: Intimidating Local Businesses

The week of May 9 brings a new weekly heist to Mob Wars, intimidating local businesses. With your two crowbars and two baseball bats, you can wreak havoc in the neighborhood.

After 14 1/2 hours with four mobster friends or 24 hours without, you'll be rich with rewards: 33 experience points and between $26-32,000, all of which you can donate to the survivors of the Oklahoma tornadoes. You also get one of the available items from the mystery container: dual hatchets with attack/defense stats of 23/19, a double barrel shotgun for 24/21, or a Harley Davidson with 18/20 stats. The motorcycle falls into the vehicle category while the others are weapons. This week's helper bonus is a steel baseball bat at 23/18 -- much better than the regular bats used to do the heist.

Like last week's items, all of this week's items will get replaced by other freely available game weaponry, like the Milkor Grenade Launcher with stats of 25/15 or C4 Explosives and 10/24 stats you can get as a gift. Hopefully, next week's heist will offer something better with the ferocious dog or prize fighter.

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