Island Paradise goes all medieval on us with new red vs. blue set

Island Paradise Medieval Theme
Island Paradise has released what appears to be the beginning of a new Medieval set. There are only a few items thus far, but we think they're pretty neat additions to the game. The new items include a Practice Dummy for 250 Meteor Credits, a Blue Guard Tower for 15,000 coins, and a Red Guard Tower for 15,000 coins. There is also a Makeshift Target (with arrows) for 9000 coins (if you're level 21) and a Red Coat of Arms and Blue Coat of Arms for 10,000 coins each.

It appears like there may end up being a Red vs. Blue war to be had, we're not sure what side we're going to be on just yet. We suspect there will be more items in this release though, as Island Paradise likes to stagger out their new items to keep us all interested for awhile.

Which side will you be on in Island Paradise, red or blue?
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