Four new lost Princess Fairy toys fly into PetVille

New princess fairies can be found in PetVille
In PetVille, you can often find lost toys that you can share with your friends. Now, Petville have just released four new random Princess Fairies that can be found within treasure boxes in your neighbor's houses. Unfortunately, if you find a lost toy that does not mean that you get to keep it. You have to share the fairy to your Facebook wall and give your friends the opportunity to claim it. If you want to collect these Princess Fairies for yourself, you'll have to scour over your Facebook feed to find them from your friends.

There will be 12 total Princess Fairies in this collection, and only the first four are now available. The first four fairies are green, blue, pink, and purple. They all have adorable wings, magic wands, and crowns. This is clearly a feature for the female PetVille players out there!

Have you collected all four fairies yet? Log into PetVille and search your friend's homes to find treasure chests.
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