Country Story baby elephant waters your crops for you


Country Story has just released a new functional decoration - an adorable Baby Elephant that will instantly water all of your crops for you. This elephants is available from the shop for 15,000 coins, however it's not quite as easy as it seems at first glance.

The Baby Elephant needs to eat 3 bananas per day. Bananas costs 1 Playfish Cash for a quantity of 3, or you can have them gifted from friends. We certainly hope you have nice friends, otherwise it will get very expensive to keep up the maintenance on your elephant.

We are all for decorations that also have a functional value to them. Having something that can instantly water all of your crops makes for a timesaver that reduces pain and frustration. It might also give you extra time to decorate your farm, or play another game that you've been neglecting. And the Baby Elephant is a creative idea for watering your crops, don't you think?

Will you be buying a Country Story Baby Elephant?