5 ugliest airplanes, and other Titanic Awards for terrible travel

We've all heard about miserable travel experiences. More than any industry other than car repair, it seems to create the most horror stories. And there's no better way to respond to a horror story than by laughing and pointing at their victims.

Doug Lansky, the author of the hilarious Signspotting series of funny signs from around the world, is now the originator of The Titanic Awards: Celebrating the Worst of Travel. Jason Cochran gets a peek into the new book to find out what's creating schadenfreude around the world. Unfortunately, it's often the money-saving traveler who suffers the most.

When Lansky tells you something stinks, you can believe him. In addition to combing the planet for photos and stories of travel disasters, he polled the world's most famous travel writers, along with people from 80 countries, to truly ascertain the worst of the worst. The verdict: When you spend your travel money, things can go awry in far too many ways.

Some of the results may surprise or infuriate you. For example, which country do you think people from around the world think has the worst beer? Guess what? It's America.

Who's got the worst trains? Which is the lousiest hotel chain? The Titanic Awards hands out the dubious honors. Lansky also brought WalletPop a special treat: a slideshow of the five ugliest airplane paint jobs.

Shield your eyes. It's a good thing you're watching this from the comfort of familiar surroundings.

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