YoVille: Try Clothes On Before You Buy Them

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We've heard many requests for this feature here on the forums and wanted to bring it to you all! Our team has been working hard to make this possible for you all to enjoy, so expect to see it coming to YoVille very very soon. Before you purchase your clothing you will be able to check out how your avatar looks like in it, in all angles! Let's check out how this is going to work in game.

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YoVille The Clothing Store
First head over to do your shopping at the Clothing Store. Click on the desk as usual to check out what is available for purchase. Continue to browse the different categories as you did before. Once you find an item that you are interested in and want to try on, simply click on the actual Clothing Item. Your avatar will then appear in the outfit.
YoVille Anchor Dress frontal
You can also click the arrows to check out what it looks on your Avatar in all the different views.
YoVille Anchor Dress
If you like how it looks on and want to purchase it you can click the Buy Button and purchase it right then and there! If you don't like it then make sure to press cancel and keep shopping. Please note, if you do buy an item you will have to then go to Change your Appearance to put on your new gear (as you did before) it will not automatically appear on your avatar.

Well that's about all folks. Happy Shopping and hope you enjoy. :)

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