Wild Ones rolls out revamped Weapon Menu

Wild ones weapon menu
Wild Ones had long been hinting at changes to the in-game weapon menu. The update has finally arrived and of course the outspoken fan base has already found all sorts of issues.

The old weapon menu had players choosing armaments before the game began. Once they had selected their loadout, it could not be altered until the game was over. However, because of the limited amount of weapons, the entire menu was able to fit right on screen.wild one weapon menu

The updated weapon menu grants players access to all of their weapons during a match. However, because of the vast selection, the new menu requires that players open a window (pictured above) by clicking the weapon menu button (pictured at right).

The biggest gripe fans are experiencing with this new system lies in this separate window. A typical turn in Wild Ones lasts twenty seconds and players are arguing that the extra time it takes to navigate this new menu are an unnecessary and unwelcome constraint. Opening a separate window simply interrupts the general flow of the Wild Ones battlefield.

However, there are a number of solutions to this unnecessary inconvenience. Wild Ones lets players set keyboard shortcuts, essentially making the system faster than the original menu, while still allowing players access to all their weapons. To set a hotkey, open the weapon selector, hold down the shift key and a number (0-9) of your choosing, and click the desired weapon. Now, pressing that number while in-game will select the designated weapon.
wild ones weapon hotkeys
In addition, Wild Ones has added shortcuts next to the weapon selection button to further address the issue. One of the two shortcuts will always return players to movement mode, while the other will engage their most recently used weapon.

So if you're one of the players upset with the new update, perhaps you should head back to Wild Ones and give it another shot. With hotkeys, shortcuts and the full weapon loadout now at players' disposal, the new weapon selector is certainly a welcome upgrade.
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